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The many highlights of Argentina and Patagonia
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AR Tourism's mission is to facilitate travel to Argentina and other South American destinations. We are the premier travel agency for the region and operate other tourism and travel services within Argentina. Our extensive knowledge of the region allows us to provide you with an interesting, informative and comfortable vacation experience.

About AR Tourism:
First and fore-most, AR Tourism is a travel agency committed to providing our customers with an outstanding level of service. Our staff has visited every hotel, restaurant and destination we offer. This allows us to have the greatest confidence in our recommendations, and permits our clients to reap the benefits of our experience.

Overview of Our Services:
- Standard Travel Services: We recommend and book hotels, restaurants and entertainment at various Argentine and South American destinations.
- Luxury Apartments in Buenos Aires: We offer serviced luxury apartments in Buenos Aires for visits ranging from several days to many months.
- Argentine Tango Vacations: AR Tourism organizes Argentine Tango vacations including tango lessons and visits to tango shows and clubs.
- Skiing Vacations in Bariloche: Between June and September, AR Tourism organizes skiing vacations in the beautiful Bariloche region of Argentina.
- Business Services: Our services include corporate apartments, clerical work and meeting planning.
- Event Planning: AR Tourism organizes weddings, events and business meetings in Buenos Aires.

Services offered by AR Tourism:
Pre-travel Planning
- Customized itineraries
- Comprehensive recommendations
- Complete travel arrangements on your behalf

A Choice of Accommodations
- Hotels, bed & breakfasts and other accommodations available in Buenos Aires and other destinations

Destination Services
- Door to door luxury transportation
- 24 hour VIP assistance
- Local offices for your convenience
- Assistance and reservations at the best restaurants, nightlife, recreation and entertainment
- Front row tickets to theaters, shows and events
- Tango classes and Spanish classes

The travel products offered by AR Tourism all offer great value, and we are committed to providing a comfortable and safe stay during your travel with us.

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