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Argentina is one of the world's most amazing countries. The capital, Buenos Aires, offers the cultural riches of Europe with a South American flair. It is uniquely cosmopolitan, and yet a short distance from Patagonian wildlife, beautiful glaciers, waterfalls more breathtaking than Niagara Falls, and mountain views as spectacular as Switzerland.

If you are planning a trip to Argentina, take time to read about each destination that interest you in the Buenos Aires and Argentinean Destinations sections of this site. Then visit the Argentina Group Tours section for assistance in combining these destinations into a great itinerary, and our Map of Argentina and South America to see where each destination is located. You may also want to consider our offerings for tango, golfing, skiing, or hiking vacations.

Argentina is located on the opposite side of the equator from North America. As a result, the seasons are reversed: when it is winter here, it is summer in Argentina and vice versa. Winter in Buenos is comparable to winter in San Francisco or October in New York City. Patagonia gets colder; it is mainly a tourist destination from October to April unless you are looking for a real winter experience. Refer to the Argentina Weather section for more information.

Buenos Aires Argentina Buenos Aires:
Buenos Aires is a seductive world class capital city and the gateway to Argentina. Experience the sights, the people, the dining and the entertainment in this unforgettable city.
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Destinations in Argentina Argentinian Destinations:
In addition to vibrant Buenos Aires, Argentina offers many other interesting destinations. Many of these, including Iguazu Falls, Patagonia, Bariloche, El Calafate, Peninsula Valdes, and Tierra del Fuego can be easily reached from Buenos Aires. Learn about each destination, and see for yourself the many great ways to enjoy Argentina.
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Special Interest Vacations:
AR Tourism is proud to offer a number of trips that are especially designed for Tango, golfing, skiing and hiking enthusiasts. For more information about these vacations, please go the corresponding section of this website.

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