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The many highlights of Argentina and Patagonia
   What is Special About Argentina

The Land of European Architecture, Unbelievable Nature, Sultry Tango and Mouth-Watering Steaks
Argentina is a big melting pot, just second to the United States, and is populated by Spanish, Italians, French and English descendants. The capital of Buenos Aires is a highly sophisticated city that has put in a lot of work to be known as the "Paris of South America". The city looks and feels like Europe, it just happens to be on the wrong continent. Argentina is also proud of being considerably safer than all other Central and South American countries.

The colorful people are also a fashionable bunch who are renowned for their gorgeous looks, unstoppable soccer skills, and unbelievable tango dancing. Furthermore, Argentina is culturally and intellectually advanced. Argentine wines and steaks are world-famous and the country continues to produce world class writers at a rate that few nations match.

Argentina is also a nation of spectacular natural wonders. The glaciers and mountains of Patagonia are splendorous and the waterfalls in Iguazu are the biggest and most beautiful in the world. Enjoy the greatest hiking in the world, experience amazing excursions, and partake in numerous sports activities.

Argentine Tango, the dance that is sweeping the world, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can find the tango all over Buenos Aires: in it's mythical cafes, at the milongas, and by walking around the city's authentic neighborhoods. To this day, Buenos Aires remains the best place to watch and learn this magnificent dance.

Argentina is also an renowned destination for sports enthusiasts. Golf is very popular in Argentina with excellent golf courses located in all the main destinations. Patagonia offers excellent skiing in the months of June through September, and the world's best hiking from October to April.

In summary, Argentina offers an unbelievable experience that travelers love and savour. Visit Argentina and see for yourself how special this country truly is. Return to the AR Tourism Home Page and read up on all the interesting ways you can experience this magical destination.

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