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Whale Watching in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina
   Peninsula Valdes

The Wildlife of Patagonia
Peninsula Valdes, Argentina's greatest wildlife preserve, is located in the area known as Atlantic Patagonia. Stay in a hotel in front of the beach in the city of Puerto Madryn and take excursions to observe penguins, whales, orcas, seals and sea lions like nowhere else in the world.

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3 day Peninsula Valdes Vacation Itinerary
4 day Peninsula Valdes Vacation Itinerary

Peninsula Valdes Highlights:

Torres del Paine Chile Peninsula Valdes Tour:
Visit a variety of Patagonia's greatest wildlife on this full-day tour. Many locations on Peninsula Valdes provide excellent opportunities to observe sea creatures such as whales, penguins, seals, and orcas. Numerous guanacos and rheas will also be memorable parts of your visit.

Whales Peninsula Valdes Whale Watching Cruise:
The whale watching cruise from Puerto Piramides is very special. Whales come right next to your boat and you feel the grandeur of the mammals like nowhere else in the world. Orcas and Right Whales visit the Peninsula in numbers every year and even beautiful dolphins can be seen on this cruise. Whales can be seen in the area between the months of May and December.

Penguins Peninsula Valdes Penguins at Punta Tombo:
Visit the Punta Tombo colony that is inhabited by hundreds of thousands of penguins. Watching such a plethora of penguins in their natural habitat is a very memorable experience. There also other phenomenal sites to view penguins on or near Peninsula Valdes. Penguins can be seen in the area between the months of October and March.

Faro del Punta Delgada Peninsula Valdes Lodging on The Peninsula Valdes:
Stay at the excellent Faro Punta Delgada Hotel located right at one of the main sights of Peninsula Valdes, Punta Delgada. Right below the petit hotel is the beautiful coastline populated by sea lions, elephant seals, and regularly visited by whales and orcas. You are sure to enjoy your morning walk down to meet all these interesting creatures.

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