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The Vineyards, The Andes Mountains, and the sports to be enjoyed in Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza is the name of the city and the region in Western Argentina right next to Chile. The region of Mendoza is world renowned for its fruitful vineyards, and most of the wine in Argentina is made in Mendoza. Mendoza is majestically located in the Andes mountains, and offers a myriad of unmatched sights. Visitors often travel to Chile from Mendoza.

Mendoza Highlights:

Wine Tours in Mendoza The Wine Tour
Visit the most unique and unforgettable vineyards in the Mendoza province of Argentina. Explore vineyards such as Santa Ana, Escorihuela, and Bodegas Lopez that welcome you to try some of the world's best wine in beautiful settings.

The Andes Mountains near Mendoza The Andes Mountains Tour
The Andes mountains to the west of Mendoza offer you unbelievable views and a number of tourist sites. Visit Punta del Inca, the home of a large hot spring that was first discovered by the Incas. Visit Cerro Cristos as well as the world's second largest mountain, Aconcagua, during your drive through the region.

Travel between Santiago Chile and Mendoza Argentina The Passage to Chile
Mendoza is a very convenient location to cross over into Santiago, the capital of Chile,. On your way to or from Chile you can visit many beautiful sites while adding some wonderful sight-seeing to your voyage.

Rafting Mendoza Argentina Summer Sports
During the summer, Mendoza is the biggest Argentine destination for adventure sport lovers. The beautiful setting adds to the joy of partaking in sports such as whitewater rafting, biking, and horseback riding. AR Tourism will be happy to organize any sport you wish to participate in and provide the best instructors and equipment in Mendoza.

Hyatt Mendoza Hotel Lodging Option in Mendoza:
Choose to stay at the beautiful Hyatt in the city of Mendoza. The luxury hotel is located in the center of the city and overlooks a lovely park. The hotel features a phenomenal restaurant that serves up regional cuisine and a fine selection of local wines.

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