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Buenos Aires Golf Itinerary
Buenos Aires is also home to some of the greatest golf courses in Argentina. World-recognized courses are accessible by as short as a twenty minute car ride from your hotel.

Suggested Itinerary:
Day 1
In the morning, settle into your lodgings. In the afternoon, go an introductory private tour of the city.

Day 2
Play golf at the exclusive Jockey Club, the best golf course in Buenos Aires. Explore the beautiful Recoleta neighborhood in Buenos Aires the rest of the day.

Day 3
Go to the fair in San Telmo. This is an excellent introduction to the liveliness of Buenos Aires. Explore a very good antiques market while street performers and tango dancers provide the great atmosphere.

Day 4
Play golf at the Olivos Golf Club. At your leisure, explore the center of Buenos Aires. Visit the excellent shops along Florida street and relax in the lovely San Martin Park and then go to the youthful and trendy neighborhood of Palermo Viejo.
At night, go to dinner and tango show.

Day 5
Play golf at the Buenos Aires Golf Club in Bella Vista.

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