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International Argentina Flights
There is a variety of different routes that allow you to fly to Argentina. Contact AR Tourism and let our travel professionals find the right flight, at the right price for you. In addition, you may be eligible for a discount on internal flights if you purchase all the flights together.

Internal Argentina Flights
Argentina is a big country, with many different sights and regions. To visit many of the regions requires an internal flight within Argentina. The biggest and most reliable airline for domestic flights inside Argentina is Aerolineas Argentinas that offers multiple flights per day to many of the most popular destinations. LAN Argentina also offers many flights throughout Argentina and is currently expanding their routes in the country.

Further Argentina Internal Flights Information:
Most flights fly through Buenos Aires, so if you plan to go to one destination and then fly to another destination you will need to return to Buenos Aires to take the flight onward. The biggest exception to this rule are the flights inside Patagonia, namely between the cities of Trelew(Peninsula Valdes and Puerto Madryn), El Calafate(Southern Patagonia), Bariloche(Lake Region), and Ushuaia(Tierra del Fuego). These destinations have domestic flights that are direct between them.

If you would like to arrange flights within Argentina, you may want to buy flights from AR Tourism, LLC before traveling. The internal flights we offer will be arranged in a professional manner and we will be sure to notify you of any changes in your flight schedules. AR Tourism is proud to offer Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN internal flights to our customers.

Airlines change schedules and prices too frequently for us to be able to provide accurate and up-to-date information on this website. Please call or email an AR Tourism travel professional for availability and pricing.

The table below has flight times from Buenos Aires to the main destinations in Argentina. Also, please take advantage of the Map of Argentina to see the geographical location of all these destinations.

Destination Flight Time
Iguazu (Iguazu Waterfalls) 1hr 40mins
Bariloche (Lake Region) 2hrs 10mins
Trelew (Peninsula Valdes and Puerto Madryn) 1hr 55mins
El Calafate 3hrs 10mins
Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) 3hrs 30mins
Mendoza 1hr 50mins
Chapelco (San Martin de los Andes, Patagonia) 2hrs 10mins
Salta 2hrs

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