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   El Chalten

The Greatest Hiking in the World
El Chalten is a serene hiking village a few hours away from El Calafate, and what seems like miles away from civilization. Nature lovers come to this village to walk excellent trails, camp in beautiful surroundings, and even participate in more involved activities such as glacier trekking and mountain climbing.

El Chalten Highlights:

The most popular hike from El Chalten: The Fitz Roy Mountain Mount Fitz Roy Hike:
This hike is one of the highlights in the Glaciares National Park and the views of Cerro Poincenot, Piedras Blancas Glacier, Mount Fitz Roy and other surrounding peaks are simply spectacular. You begin the hike by going up to Los Tres Lagoon, overlooked by of the breathtaking vertical granite walls of Mount Fitz Roy. At this point you can relax on the shores of the beautiful lake, or continue hiking rest of the way up to the base of Mount Fitz Roy.

The Torre Mountain is another amazing hike and trek from El Chalten Mount Torre Hike:
This excursion is the second most popular highlight of El Chalten. Hike through a beautiful dense forest and then follow the Fitz Roy River to the base of Mount Torre. At the base is the beautiful Laguna Torre and Glacier Grande. This is also the site where The Fitz Roy river begins and carries away icebergs that have broken away from glacier.

The memorable Glacier Viedma in Patagonia, Argentina Glacier Viedma Navigation and Trekking:
A short distance from El Chalten is the beautiful Viedma Glacier that funnels into Lake Viedma. On the boat ride you can watch the glacier break apart and fall into the lake below. You can also do guided trekking across the surrounding area.

Horseback Riding Argentina Horseback Riding Tour:
A number of excellent horseback riding tours are available in El Chalten. AR Tourism will be happy to organize your trip and set up these excursions.

Los Cerros Hotel Argentina Los Cerros Hotel in El Chalten:
Stay at the ultra-luxury Los Cerros Hotel in El Chalten when you visit this region. You will have a choice of excellent excursions to explore the area while the hotel's staff takes care of your every whim. The best facilities and personnel in El Chalten will help make this vacation unforgettable.
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