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Jewish Tours FAQs

What is A Jewish Tour?
A Jewish tour of Buenos Aires highlights sites of historic importance to the local Jewish community. We provide a concise presentation of some of our favorite stop-offs which will share with you an appreciation of how the Jewish community came to establish itself in Buenos Aires.

Sites we visit include: a historic synagogue (early 1900s); the offices of the umbrella organization which oversees Jewish institutional activity in Argentina (AMIA); and a museum, formerly the Ellis Island of Buenos Aires, dedicated to the history of the immigrant experience.

Who can attend A Jewish Tour?
If you are interested in learning about the history of the local Jewish community with a dynamic, English-speaking, highly knowledgeable Jewish host, this tour is for you! Being Jewish is not a requirement!

Where does the tour start?
We'll pick you up from your hotel, as well as drop you off there following the tour.

What time does the tour start?
We recommend starting at 10 AM, but other start-times can be arranged.

How long does the tour last?
Half-day tours are 3 hours and Full-day tours are 6 hours.

What's the difference between Half and Full Day tours?
Both tours provide a solid introduction to Jewish life in Buenos Aires. The full-day tour includes lunch (kosher optional), and a visit to the Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano. The Seminario is a worthwhile stop because, in addition of being located in a lovely neighborhood, you'll see where 1) Rabbinical students and Cantors come to learn (often from countries outside of Argentina); 2) the non-Orthodox community has its Mikvah (ritual bath); 3) a gift-shop is that features work by local Jewish artists.

Can I join with other guests on my tour?
If there are other guests at your tour-time, yes! Please let us know if you are interested in touring with others when you sign up for your tour. If we have additional guests on the day of your tour who are available to share a tour, we'd be happy to arrange a group visit.

Who is my host?
Your host is a local Jewish community member, English-speaking, and who is eager to share with you an introduction to what Jewish life was and is like in Buenos Aires.

What information do I need to provide to sign-up?
The date and time you'd like to take your tour, your passport number, and a security reference (from a Jewish organization or professional reference).

Do I need to bring a passport?
Please bring a copy of your passport with you. (We recommend carrying this during all times of your travel in case of emergency, along with an emergency contact number noted).

How do I make payment?
Please read the complete guidelines to making payment to AR Tourism, LLC on our Booking a Trip page.
Booking a Trip

What is the cancellation policy?
Please read the AR Tourism, LLC Terms and Conditions on the cancellation policy.
Terms and Conditions

I have Jewish relatives in Buenos Aires. Can you help me find them?
We would be happy to put you in touch with a Jewish organization in Buenos Aires that provides that service.

I'd like to bring a synagogue group to Buenos Aires. Do you arrange group tours?
Yes! We are happy to help you arrange packages, meals, tours, and activities.

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