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The Llao Llao Hotel and Resort in Bariloche, Argentina

The Jewel of Patagonia
Unforgettable views of mountain lakes, evergreen forests, and snowcapped peaks are all highlights of Bariloche and The Lake Region of Patagonia.

Bariloche is both a popular winter and summer resort in the area known as Patagonia. The small town sits in front of the beautiful Lake Nahuel Huapi, and resembles a Swiss village with its wooden fašades, mountainous scenery, and even a Cathedral and clock tower in the center of town.

Bariloche also has very lively nightlife. Whether you are interested in dining, dancing or listening to music, Bariloche has a plethora of great entertainment, all within a few blocks of your lodgings.

Take a look at the recommended itineraries that allow you to get the most from your Bariloche visit, and customize your vacation to your exact needs and desires.
3 day Bariloche Vacation Itinerary
4 day Bariloche Vacation Itinerary

Bariloche Excursions:

Bariloche Patagonia The Grand Circuit Excursion:
The Circuito Grande is the most extensive excursion you can take in The Nahuel Huapi National Park. The featured attractions of this trip include a visit to El Valle Encantado, the beautiful towns of Villa La Angostura and Villa Traful, and spectacular views of the lakes and mountains in the region.

Isla Victoria Bariloche The Isla Victoria and Bosque de Arrayanes Excursion:
This lake excursion first brings you to Puerto Anchorena on Victoria Island, where the different paths will take you through the beautiful and solitary surroundings. You will find a bed of conifer trees, a local species of evergreen, and take a ride on a ski lift to the summit of the Cerro Bella along a narrow stretch of coihue and cypress trees. Then, board the boat again and ride along the enormous lake until we arrive at the Quetrihue Peninsula, where we'll find The Bosque de Arrayanes (The Myrtle Forest). These myrtle trees rarely grow in cold weather climates and are a highlight of this region.

Bariloche Lakes The Circuito Siete Lagos Excursion:
The Seven Lake Circuit is a shorter variation on the Circuit Grande excursion. This circuit includes a sightseeing tour on which you will see the main lakes and mountains in the region while stopping in the towns of Villa La Angostura and Villa Traful.

Puema Hue Bariloche Argentina The Peuma Hue Estancia:
Enjoy a day visit to the beautiful Puema Hue guest ranch in the Patagonian country-side. The ranch is surrounded by pristine forests, creeks, and even waterfalls and is located just a few miles from Bariloche. A day visit to Peuma Hue includes horseback riding in the morning, an asado (Argentine barbecue) at midday, hiking in the nearby parks, and a pleasant afternoon tea.

Lake Crossing Bariloche Argentina Lake Crossing to Puerto Montt, Chile:
One of the most beautiful excursions to enjoy in this Patagonian region is The Lake Crossing tour that goes from Bariloche to Puerto Montt, Chile. Enjoy the magnificent Osomo Volcano and Petrohue waterfalls amid an itinerary of waterfront meals and motorship tours.
Lake Crossing Information and Itinerary

Other Bariloche Highlights:

Rafting Bariloche Argentina Summer Sports
During the summer, Bariloche is a major destination for adventure sports lovers. The beautiful setting adds to the joy of partaking in sports such as whitewater rafting, biking, walking, and hiking. AR Tourism will be happy to organize any sport you wish to participate in and provide the best instructors and equipment in Bariloche.

Ski Bariloche Argentina Winter Sports
In the winter, ski the beautiful mountain of Cerro Catedral just outside of Bariloche. Take a Patagonian Skiing Tour with AR Tourism and experience this and other exhilarating South American mountains.
Further Skiing Information

Isla Victoria Bariloche Argentina The Isla Victoria Hotel:
On the beautiful island of Isla Victoria stands the serene Isla Victoria Hotel. Part of the stay at this beautiful lodge includes breath-taking excursions around the island and first-rate regional meals. Just the unforgettable horseback riding tour at Isla Victoria will be worth the journey to this secluded location.

Llao Llao Bariloche Argentina Featured Lodgings in Bariloche:
Choose to stay at the Llao Llao Resort and Golf Course, a truly luxurious hotel that sits in the beautiful mountains near Bariloche. Enjoy Llao Llao's challenging golf course in the summer and the numerous winter activities available to guests in the winter.
Further Llao Llao Hotel Information

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