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Atlantic Coast of Argentina
The Atlantic Coastline allows visitors to take a break from exploring busy Buenos Aires and the popular sights in Argentina. In the city of Mar del Plata vacationers can choose from a variety of lodging and entertainment options, while in the smaller resort towns of Pinamar, Carilo, and Villa Gesell, visitors relax in tranquil and comfortable hotels and villas.

Atlantic Coast Locations:

Mar del Plata Argentina Mar del Plata:
This city of half a million people is located on the Atlantic Coast. Huge beaches and a vibrant nightlife best characterize Mar del Plata. Stay at a large hotel with a view of the city and coastline, or choose a quieter residence in a prosperous location.

Pinamar Argentina Pinamar:
The village of Pinamar is famous for its pine forest that seems to go right up to the water. Luxurious summer-homes look out onto the water while tall pine trees provide the pleasant shade. Excellent seafood restaurants will also be a highlight of your visit to Pinamar.

Carilo Argentina Carilo:
The resort town of Carilo is Argentina's most luxurious and exclusive beach escape. Couples and families get away from Buenos Aires to enjoy the sun and golf in the private houses and hotels laid out along the coastline.

Villa Gesell Argentina Villa Gesell:
Villa Gesell is a less posh destination on the Atlantic coastline of Argentina. The town is less of an attraction and less expensive, while the entertainment scene is livelier than in Pinamar or Carilo.

Atlantic Coast Highlights:

Golf Atlantic Coast Argentina Golf on the Atlantic Coast:
Mar del Plata and every town on the Atlantic coastline has its own golf course. The locals take pride in their golf courses, which is why this region has a tradition of golfing excellence. Enjoy both the beach and the links while vacationing in this region of Argentina.

Hotel del Bosque:
In the eucalyptus forest you can discover the serene Hotel del Bosque. Besides the beautiful surrounding two hectacres of forest, the hotel has a full health club and hosts a casino. Beautiful rooms and a welcoming staff make a stay at this charming hotel both enjoyable and relaxing.

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