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An Antarctica cruise ship picking up passangers coming back from visiting the continent

   Antarctica Overview
Antarctica is a destination unlike any other. While most vacationers opt for the usual tropical retreat, a trip to the White Continent remains one of the most unique experiences of a lifetime. Once known by explorers as "Terra Incognito", Antarctica boasts the most rugged and perhaps spiritual missions known to man. Antarctica holds the record for the coldest, windiest, driest, and highest elevation on Earth. The journey there is an adventure in itself, as crossing the turbulent Drake Passage south of Argentina will not soon be forgotten.

Discover impossibly blue icebergs drifting at sea, lazy seals, curious whales, and millions of migratory seabirds. Go ashore by Zodiac for a closer look at a living landscape teeming with vast penguin colonies. Onboard historians and naturalists will quench your thirst for the continent's rich history and wildlife. Thrill seekers can add scuba diving, ice climbing, helicopter tours, camping, or kayaking to their itineraries. Photographers will delight in the myriad opportunities for capturing the spectacular scenery.

Antarctica Highlights:

Seals enjoying the sunshine in Antarctica Slip through famous Iceberg Alley and stare in wonder at fjord-like ice formations on either side of your ship. Visit the Antarctic Peninsula and its many offshore islands for amazing penguin and whale watching. Cruise to mountainous South Georgia where over three million seals bask in the bright Antarctic sun. Land at Paradise Harbour by Zodiac to witness frequent calvings off the glacier nearby.

Antarctica Cruises:

Choice of Cruiseship options to Antarctica Travel to Antarctica means going on a cruise. There is an assortment of cruises to choose from, including various trip lengths and ship types. Generally, cruises run anywhere from twelve to twenty days and include at least four days travel at sea. Ships range from economical research ships to world-class luxury expedition liners. While most cruises depart from Ushuaia, Argentina, other ports of embarkation are available, including Australia and South Africa.
Cruise Options in Antarctica

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