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The many highlights of Argentina and Patagonia
   Destinations in Argentina

AR Tourism wishes to share these beautiful destinations with you. You can add any of these destinations to your trip and we will handle the logistics. Also use Map of Argentina to see the geographical location of all these regions.

Buenos Aires Tours Buenos Aires:
The capital of Buenos Aires is a highly sophisticated city that has put in a lot of work to be known as the "Paris of South America". The city looks and feels like Europe, it just happens to be on the wrong continent. Stay in the best lodgings and visit the most important sights on your Buenos Aires vacation.
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Patagonia travel Patagonia:
Patagonia is a very large region in Southern Argentina. Visit whales and penguins in Peninsula Valdes, The Lake Region in Bariloche, the world renowned national parks and glaciers in El Calafate, and the Southern-most city in the world in Tierra del Fuego. The unique nature of Argentina is best experienced in Patagonia.
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Iguazu Waterfalls tour Iguazu Waterfalls:
The Iguazu Falls and National Park offer the visitor a one on one experience with nature. Explore one of the world's greatest waterfalls from a variety of vantage points including a boat that gives you a view of the water falling from high above you. You can also visit ruins of the Jesuit Missions on your trip to Iguazu.
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Mendoza Wine Tour Mendoza:
This ideal destination for wine and food connoisseurs also offers amazing sights in the Andes Mountains along with a variety of sports for the outdoors enthusiasts. Hiking, horseback riding, and fishing are also all stellar in this destination.
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Salta Tour Salta:
Salta is located in the beautiful northern region of Argentina where the weather is quite stable year-round. Explore the oldest and most interesting colonial town in Argentina and take the picturesque Train to the Clouds through unforgettable scenery at this amazing destination.
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Salta Tour The Atlantic Coast:
The Atlantic coastline of Argentina is a favorite vacation destination for many Argentines in the summer months. Beautiful hotels and villas enjoy views of the ocean in the city of Mar del Plata and the smaller towns of Pinamar, Carilo, and Villa Gesell. These relaxing destinations can be easily reached from Buenos Aires.
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Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay:
Colonia is a very unique colonial town with narrow cobblestoned streets flanked by whitewashed buildings. A trip to this charming town is a trip back in time. Colonia is also only a 2 hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires, a close proximity that allows for a great day-trip.
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The King Penguin, a beautiful creature to see on your visit to Antartica Antartica:
The amazing continent of Antarctica is best reached from Argentina. For that reason, it is very convenient to combine a trip to Antarctica with a visit to a few Argentine destinations. To help in your Antartica trip, AR Tourism can help by organizing everything you need inside Argentina along with recommending the best cruiseship for your visit to Antarctica.
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